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Virtual Seabird Celebration: Rare Species of Kenai Fjords

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Seward is home to an abundant variety of seabird species for all of your birding needs. Starting this week, the Seward Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Virtual Seabird Celebration! Pick up your copy of the Seabird Passport at the Seward Chamber of Commerce or Major Marine Tours front desk and mark off which birds you can find. Turn your Passport in and pick from a selection of special seabird stickers! 

Walk the docks, visit the Alaska SeaLife Center, or take a cruise in Kenai Fjords National Park to maximize your bird viewing! Find as many birds as you can, from the common glaucous-winged gulls to the extremely rare red-faced cormorants. 

Birds of Kenai Fjords

The waters and rocky cliffsides of Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park are a birders paradise in the summer months. Visitors have the chance of viewing several different rare species on a cruise into Kenai Fjords. The 8.5 Hour Northwestern Fjords Cruise is ideal for bird enthusiasts, it visits a fjord with several tidewater glaciers where kittlitz’s murrelets, rhinoceros auklets, parakeet auklets, and thick-billed murres frequently visit. The 8.5 Hour Cruise also visits bird rookeries where you can see tufted and horned puffins, black-legged kittiwakes, and even red-faced cormorants up on the rocks or flying around the boat.  


Red-Faced Cormorant

Alaska SeaLife Center

Want to see birds up close? The Alaska SeaLife Center is the perfect way to spend an afternoon with your favorite bird. The center has more than a dozen different bird species and you can view and watch some of the diving birds swim down to pick up fish from the habitat sea floor. Take a behind the scenes Puffin Encounter tour to join in on a feeding session with puffins and some of their other resident birds such as eiders, oystercatchers, and harlequin ducks.


Birds Around Town

You don’t have to travel far to check off your bird list in Seward! While not a seabird, you can find bald eagles all over town but the best place to go for bird activity is going to be the docks in the Seward Small Boat Harbor. Various species of ducks, gulls, murres, and pelagic cormorants can be found swimming around the boats in the harbor. 

For more information about the Virtual Seabird Celebration visit!