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Orca Quest Cruise

For a limited time in early summer, this cruise departs from Seward in search of our favorite black and white marine mammal – the orca. Join Major Marine Tours – the local whale experts – as we search for orcas, distinguishable by their stately dorsal fins and fascinating social behaviors.



Adult (age 12+): $94.00

Child (age 2-11): $47.00 

Infant (under 2): Free

Tax and harbor fee not included in above prices.


May 10 – June 6, 2021

Departing: 1:00 pm

Returning: 5:00 pm

Orca Quest Cruise Highlights

  • Search for orcas during the prime time for orca whale watching in Alaska.
  • Onboard hydrophone allows you to listen to orca calls underwater if conditional allow.
  • We take you to where the orcas have recently been seen rather than following a set route. Every day is a unique cruising experience.
  • Explore the world of Alaska’s orcas on the only orca-focused cruise from Seward.
  • In additional to orcas, you may also see humpback whales, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, Dall’s porpoises, sea otters, bald eagles, and seabirds.
Cruise Overview

From mid-May through mid-June, orcas frequent the waters outside of Seward in search of food. Join us for an amazing day on the water as we search for orcas during this prime time for orca watching. These incredible marine mammals are distinguishable by their prominent dorsal fins, which can grow up to six feet tall, and their fascinating social behaviors. Our experienced captains will explore the area’s orca hot spots and communicate with other vessels about recent sightings to maximize your chances of seeing orcas. Learn about these whales from our knowledgeable captains, who will provide narration throughout the cruise. Hear the haunting calls of these animals for yourself through our onboard hydrophone if conditional allow.

Online bookings not available within 12 hours of cruise departure – please call us at (907) 224-8030 to book within 12 hours.

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, and water are provided. Snacks, beverages, beer, and wine are available for purchase during the cruise.
  • Departure location: Seward Harbor 360 Hotel
  • Not wheelchair accessible and not recommended for guests with limited mobility. More information about vessel wheelchair accessibility can be found here.
  • Though orcas may frequent the same areas day after day, they can be seen anywhere in Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park.
  • Three types of orcas can be seen in the area: resident, transient, and offshore.
  • Orca pods are matriarchal and families often stay together for their entire lives.
  • Resident pods of orcas frequent the area from mid-May through mid-June to feed on salmon, socialize with other pods, and mate. These are the most commonly seen orcas on our cruises.
  • Our experienced captains can often identify specific pods and individual orcas by characteristics such as notches in dorsal fins, scars, and saddle patches (the white patch behind the dorsal fin).
  • Transient orcas are seen less frequently and visit the area to feed on Steller sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, and harbor seals.
  • Resident orcas are much more playful than transients. They can often be seen at the surface of the water, breaching and tail slapping. They travel in larger pods and have shorter down times underwater. Resident pods also communicate more than transients.
  • Transient orcas are more elusive. Since they prey on marine mammals rather than fish, their prey is much harder to catch and they have to spend more time hunting. They have to be stealthy to survive, traveling in much smaller pods without much socializing between pods. Each transient pod has inherited their own methods of hunting, passed down from the older generations of their pod.
  • Offshore orcas are the most elusive of the three types of orcas. They live far out to sea and rarely visit the areas that we explore on our cruises. Offshore orcas travel in large groups and prey on fish and sharks.

Will I see any orcas on this cruise?
While we cannot guarantee whale sightings, our captains visit orca hot spots and communicate with other vessels about recent orca sightings to give our guests the best chances of viewing orcas and other whales. On average, we see orcas on 90% of our Orca Quest Cruises. The longer you are on the water, the greater your chances are of seeing whales. Orcas are most frequently seen in the area from mid-May to mid-June, which is why we run this cruise during that time.

Is a meal included on this cruise?
No, there is no meal included on this cruise. We have a snack bar onboard, and you are more than welcome to bring your own food with you. Glass containers and personal alcohol are not permitted.

Will we see any other marine life on this tour?
While the main focus of the cruise is orca viewing, we often see other wildlife including humpback whales, Dall’s porpoises, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters, and seabirds.


Orca watching
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A Must! Orca Quest Cruise

We drove to Seward from Anchorage for the Orca Quest Cruise aboard the Orca Song. Kayleigh was our captain and Nick and Justin were her boat-mates. They were all extraordinarily knowledgeable about the area, the animals and nature. Kayleigh could identify the orcas based on their dorsal fin notching and spots behind their fins — impressive! They are very respectful to maintain distance and reduce noise when close to the animals. We saw humpback whales, orcas, bald eagles, puffins, harbor seals, sea otters, mountain goats and the Bear Glacier. After a 10 day trip in Alaska, this was on the top three of things we did. Highly impressed with the company, captain, boat staff and the wildlife.

Bryanne R / TripAdvisor


Wildlife Delivered

What a trip. I came to Alaska to see whales (hopefully Orcas) and beautiful scenery. The boat was very comfortable and always room along the rail to take pictures. The captain spotted otters playing and brought us in for a look. Later she spotted mountain goats and got us close enough for some fabulous pictures. We saw glaciers and amazing scenery on route to the whales. Then the whales … oh my. We saw several greys and then she put us on several pods of Orcas. They were all over. Calves and parents. One of the best days of my life. Fantastic trip and very friendly and helpful crew. Go on this trip.

Luke D TripAdvisor

Incredible Sea Life Tour

Do not miss out on this tour! My husband and I along with our family had the real pleasure of the Orca tour. This is something not to miss (only running from mid May to mid June) this tour did not disappoint. When booking a wildlife tour you are always unsure whether you will actually see any! The crew of the Orca Song did everything they could to show us wildlife and they did not let us down. On a 4hr tour we saw a hump back whale, orcas, sea lions, porpoise, bald eagle, mountain goat and many birds including puffins. The crew were incredible and made us feel really comfortable and welcome. Do not let this chance go by make sure you visit marine major tours!

mscann TripAdvisor


Specials & Packages 

There are no specials for this cruise at this time. Please visit our Specials & Packages page for a list of our current specials.


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