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Orca Quest Cruise

For a limited time in early summer, this cruise will depart from the Seward boat harbor in search of our favorite black and white marine mammal – the orca. Join Major Marine Tours – the local whale experts – as we search for orcas, distinguishable by their stately dorsal fins, which can grow up to six feet tall, and their fascinating social behaviors.



Adult (age 12+): $94.00

Child (age 2-11): $47.00

Infant (under 2): $0.00

Tax and harbor fee not included in above prices.


May 11 – June 7, 2020

Departing: 1:00 pm

Returning: 5:00 pm

Orca Quest Cruise

From mid-May through mid-June, orcas frequent the waters outside of Seward in search of food. Join Major Marine Tours – the local whale experts – as we search for orcas during this prime time for orca watching. These incredible marine mammals are distinguishable by their prominent dorsal fins, which can grow up to six feet tall, and their fascinating social behaviors. Our experienced captains will explore the area’s orca hot spots and communicate with other vessels about recent orca sightings to maximize your chances of seeing orcas. Rather than following a set cruise route, we visit the places where orcas have recently been seen, giving you a unique cruising experience every day. Learn about these whales from our experienced, local captains and naturalist crew members. Hear the haunting calls of these animals for yourself through our onboard hydrophone if conditions allow.

Our Orca Quest Cruise departs from the Seward Harbor 360 Hotel dock at 1:00 p.m. You will cruise out of the Seward Small Boat Harbor and along the rugged coastline of Resurrection Bay. Depending on recent orca activity, you will either stay in Resurrection Bay or cruise into areas of Kenai Fjords National Park. Our captains will communicate with other vessels in the area about recent orca sightings and will visit orca hotspots to maximize your chances of seeing these amazing mammals.

Though orcas can frequent the sames areas day after day, they can be seen anywhere in Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park. Therefore, every day is a different cruising experience. Resident pods of orcas frequent the area from mid-May through mid-June to feed on salmon, socialize with other pods, and mate. You may also see transient orcas, which visit the area to feed on Steller sea lions and Dall’s porpoises.

Several alpine glaciers, nestled high in the mountains surrounding Resurrection Bay, can be seen along the route if the weather permits. We may also cruise by Bear Glacier, a piedmont glacier and the largest glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. In addition to orcas, you may also see humpback whales, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, Dall’s porpoises, sea otters, bald eagles, and many types of seabirds.

Beer, wine, sodas, hot chocolate, juice, and a variety of snacks will be available for purchase during the cruise. Complimentary coffee, tea, and water are provided.

The red line on the cruise map illustrates a possible cruise route if orcas are seen within Resurrection Bay. Routes will vary widely depending on orca activity.

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Went on the Orca Quest cruise with Major Marine and it’s the best whale watching we’ve done anywhere in the world… Spectacular scenery en route and after a couple of hours we found a large pod of humpbacks and experienced them bubble net feeding. What a privilege this was to witness something so spectacular. Later we found two large pods of orca and stayed watching them for 45 minutes before they were joined by the first pod of humpbacks. Best experience ever and the memories will last forever. How lucky were we all!! The only downside is we love whale watching but fear that all future experiences will not match this one. Highly recommended to all.

Davidjackie1957 TripAdvisor

Orcas on Display

My two adult sons and I enjoyed several days of great fishing on the Kenai before visiting Seward, during which we cruised on the Orca Song in hopes of seeing some whales. The crew did not disappoint, as we witnessed a humpback feeding just a few minutes into the cruise. The scenery was spectacular and the captain’s easygoing commentary was engaging. We were getting a little anxious a couple hours into the trip before seeing orcas, but once we did, it was like watching fireworks. For 35 minutes, we watched the animals swim, spy hop, and even breech, all around the boat. It was amazing and hard to imagine being any better. The crew was also very friendly and helpful and even the drinks were topnotch. The highlight of our trip and highly recommended.

Tom A TripAdvisor

Orca Quest Tour – Fantastic!

We decided to take the Orca Quest Tour on June 5th 2017. The Orca Quest tour was truly fantastic! We got to see orcas and humpback whales and glaciers, puffins, sea otters…. It was so amazing! Our kids were so excited and are still talking about this boat tour. We would definitely do this tour again and highly recommend it!

Jeanette W TripAdvisor


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Our Orca Quest Cruise departs from Seward, a seaside town located 125 miles south of Anchorage on Alaska’s famous Kenai Peninsula. The highly scenic drive to Seward from Anchorage provides countless views of mountains, inlets, lakes, rivers, glaciers, and more.
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