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Alaska SeaLife Center

The Alaska SeaLife Center is a state-of-the-art marine research, rehabilitation, and education facility on the shores of Resurrection Bay in downtown Seward. Learn about the Alaska SeaLife Center’s significant marine research and rehabilitation efforts for sick and injured marine mammals. Watch marine animals up-close and get immersed in their marine ecosystems through underwater viewing.

Visitors to the SeaLife Center’s “windows to the sea” experience close encounters with Steller sea lions, sea otters, seals, puffins, many species of birds, fish, and other marine life. 

No visit to Seward is complete without a visit to the Alaska SeaLife Center. Our friendly customer service agents can add tickets to the Alaska SeaLife Center to any cruise reservation. The Alaska SeaLife Center is easily accessible from the Major Marine Tours offices, located less than one mile from our harbor offices.


Add tickets to the Alaska SeaLife Center to any cruise reservation by calling us at (907) 274-7300.

PRICE: $29.95 per adult, $17.95 per child

Our Partnership with the Alaska SeaLife Center

Major Marine Tours is proud to support the Alaska SeaLife Center’s mission of marine research and wildlife rehabilitation in Alaska. Our guests are invited to donate to the Alaska SeaLife Center at the time of reservation to raise funds for the Wildlife Response Program, which responds to and rehabilitates wildlife that has been abandoned, stranded, or injured throughout Alaska. All proceeds from our boarding photos are donated to the Alaska SeaLife Center, and we conduct other fundraisers throughout the year to benefit the center. Additionally, we have helped the Alaska SeaLife Center release rehabilitated wildlife into Kenai Fjords National Park from our vessels. In 2018, Major Marine Tours was the proud recipient of the Alaska SeaLife Center Stewardship and Sustainability Award, which recognizes an industry leader that demonstrates the highest commitment to sustainability of ocean resources.

Alaska SeaLife Center Harbor Seal Release into Northwestern Fjord