MMT Receives SeaLife Center Stewardship & Sustainability Award

The MMT Blog / MMT Receives SeaLife Center Stewardship & Sustainability Award

Major Marine Tours was the proud recipient of the 2018 Alaska Ocean Leadership Stewardship & Sustainability Award from the Alaska SeaLife Center. Presented at the Alaska SeaLife Center Marine Gala on February 3rd, 2018, this award recognizes an industry leader that demonstrates the highest commitment to sustainability of ocean resources. The award was presented by actor and comedian Jack Black, who is an Alaska SeaLife Center member and was the event’s special guest. The Marine Gala is the Alaska SeaLife Center’s annual fundraiser and awards ceremony. This year’s Gala was extra special thanks to presence of the energetic Jack Black, who helped everyone get in the festive and giving spirit as we helped the SeaLife Center celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

Jack Black and Major Marine Tours team
Recipients of the Alaska SeaLife Center Marine Gala Ocean Leadership Awards.

Major Marine Tours was honored to be recognized with the 2018 Stewardship and Sustainability Award. We are proud of our long-standing partnership with the Alaska SeaLife Center and are committed to continuing to foster this relationship. Environmental sustainability is part of the mission of Major Marine Tours and is one of the guiding principles that our company is based on:

  • The environment is part of the product we deliver, and it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on it.
  • We promote recycling, conserve fuel, and invest in technology that reduces emissions, noise, and wake.
  • We use supplies and cleaning products that have the least impact on the marine ecosystem.
  • We participate in employee and customer match scholarships, research and rehabilitation programs, and we are committed to responsible wildlife viewing practices.

We are so grateful for the Alaska SeaLife Center’s marine research and wildlife rehabilitation efforts and we will continue to do what we can to support the SeaLife Center in protecting this beautiful place we call home. Thank you, Alaska SeaLife Center, for honoring us with this award!

Jack Black and Major Marine Tours team
Major Marine Tours employees with Jack Black.