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Why You Should Cruise with a National Park Ranger

The MMT Blog / Why You Should Cruise with a National Park Ranger

There are many advantages of taking a cruise with Major Marine Tours. Some of them you may already know about, like our multiple cruise options, amazing opportunities for viewing Alaska wildlife and glaciers, and our delicious salmon and prime rib meal served onboard during the cruise. One of the advantages that we are most proud of is our partnership with the National Park Service. Major Marine Tours has enjoyed over 20 years of partnering with the National Park Service and was the first tour operator from Seward to invite National Park Rangers onboard our vessels to provide narration during our cruises.

National Park Ranger

Why would you want to cruise with a National Park Ranger, you might ask? First, they provide a detailed, informative narration throughout the cruise, giving information about the wildlife, geology, and history of the area. Whenever we spot a new species of wildlife, or come across an interesting historical landmark, the National Park Rangers enhance the experience by sharing interesting facts and personal insights. Second, they love answering questions and talking to passengers. If you have any questions throughout the cruise they are more than happy to share their knowledge with you.

Junior Ranger program

Finally, they lead the popular Junior Ranger Program, in which our younger passengers get to work directly with the Ranger as they work through their own Junior Ranger Adventure Guide. Junior Rangers in training will even get the chance to help the National Park Ranger by bringing sea otter pelts and other items around the vessel for passengers to see and feel. The Junior Ranger Program culminates at the end of the cruise with a Junior Ranger Badge Ceremony. The Junior Ranger Program is a great way for kids to stay engaged throughout the cruise as they learn about the area’s wildlife, glaciers, and geology.

Junior Ranger program

Of course we can tell you how much we like our onboard National Park Rangers, but our customers can give you the best insight about their experience. Here are a few things that our customers have said about the Park Rangers on TripAdvisor:

“One of the best features of the cruise was that a National Park Ranger accompanies each voyage and provides a running commentary on what you are seeing. Our Ranger was very informative and answered all our questions.”

“The ranger on board did an excellent commentary and presented us with so many details about the scenery and wildlife, it was exceptional.”

“A ranger kept us informed about the area and the sea life; she walked throughout the different areas greeting people and answering questions.”

“Along for the ride is a Ranger providing interesting information about the environment and had a way of spotting wildlife that most would not have noticed had he not been there.”

“The narration by the park ranger was a great addition to a great trip.”

“The ranger (Steve) was very informative and enhanced our trip considerably.”

“We were really impressed with the park ranger. She was very informative of the wildlife and history of the area and took time to answer all our questions.”

National Park Rangers cruise with us on our 7.5 Hour Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise6 Hour Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise, and 5 Hour Kenai Fjords Wildlife Cruise. We hope you choose to cruise with us this summer to experience the wealth of knowledge that our onboard National Park Rangers have to share!