Kenai Fjords 360

Announcing the Kenai Fjords 360: Major Marine Tours’ New Custom-Built Catamaran

Major Marine Tours is very excited to announce the addition of a new, custom-built high-speed catamaran to our fleet this summer: the Kenai Fjords 360. The boat’s name celebrates the 360 degree views of Kenai Fjords National Park that passengers will experience from the fully-wraparound third deck. The Kenai Fjords 360 was specially-designed to give passengers the best viewing experience possible. Rather than having the wheelhouse on the third deck like other Seward day-cruise catamarans, the Kenai Fjords 360 wheelhouse will be located on the second deck, giving passengers unobstructed 360 degree views from the top deck. Kenai Fjords 360 […] Read More

Major Marine Tours Deckhand in Resurrection Bay in Spring

Deckhand Diary: My Springtime with Major Marine Tours

One month ago this week, my boots touched ice and I found myself back in Seward, Alaska for my second season with Major Marine Tours. Seward is the first place on the planet to which I have returned, and you can read why here. Last season, though, I had first seen these mountains in May. This time, it was March 1.

Having grown up in Southern California and spent my most recent “winter” in Australia, seasons are not my area of expertise. March and April will be spring, I thought. Flowers. Birds. So on.

I was so wrong, and yet so right.

There […] Read More

Gray whale breaching on gray whale watching cruise

Spring Gray Whale Cruise Season is Here!

Perhaps it’s all this sun we’ve been having in Southcentral Alaska this past month, but it certainly feels like spring is just around the corner. With spring comes longer days, warmer temperatures, and…gray whales! Every year we celebrate the return of migrating whales to the waters outside of Seward on our Gray Whale Watching Cruise. This year, our Gray Whale Watching Cruise started March 4th and runs daily until May 14th. We have been seeing lots of wildlife on so far this year including humpback whales, orca whales, Steller sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, sea otters, harbor seals, mountain goats, and […] Read More

Two orca whales

What’s New in 2017

With all this snow on the ground in Anchorage it’s hard to believe that our cruise season is already upon us. But, at this very moment the California gray whales are on their way up to Alaskan waters, and we want to be sure we are out on the water when they arrive! Our 2017 cruise season starts this Saturday, March 4th with the departure of our spring Gray Whale Watching Cruise. With just one day until the season starts, we wanted to update you on all of the new and exciting things happening at Major Marine Tours in 2017.

Gray […] Read More

Deckhand Tammy on the Harding Icefield trail.

Deckhand Diary: Why I’m Going Back to Seward in 2017

Major Marine Tours deckhands come to Alaska from all over the world to spend their summers showing our guests the incredible beauty of Alaska’s glaciers and wildlife. Though they travel far distances and spend the summers away from family and friends, many deckhands choose to come back to Major Marine Tours year after year. Tamara Lang, Major Marine Tours deckhand and interpretive volunteer at Kenai Fjords National Park, reflects on the reasons why she will be coming back to Seward in 2017.


I write this from the end of 2016 in Port Douglas, Australia, between the Daintree Rainforest and the Great […] Read More

Seward waterfront

4 Reasons Why Fall is the Best Time to Visit Seward

The majority of visitors to Seward arrive during peak travel time, from June through August, when city streets are bustling with activity, the midnight sun allows for non-stop adventures, and migrating marine wildlife have settled in for a summer of feeding in Alaska’s nutrient-rich waters. As summer fades into fall and the sun begins to set earlier and earlier each day, the number of visitors to Seward reduces dramatically. By the beginning of October, the streets are quiet, the leaves are changing, and Seward seems like an entirely different place than it did only a month and a half prior. […] Read More

Glacier Calving

Deckhand Diary: My Best Three Moments in the Kenai Fjords, 2016

Tamara Lang, Major Marine Tours deckhand and interpretive volunteer at Kenai Fjords National Park, recounts her favorite memories from a season spent on the water in Kenai Fjords National Park.


As August brings Alaskan fall, and the pink stalks of fireweed that measure the summer clutch their final blossoms, my season at Major Marine Tours also draws to a close. With a few precious weeks left on the Kenai Fjords, I look into the waters and see reflected the white mist tearing off of ridges silhouetted with dark spruce, and above the changing water my mind moves back to my most […] Read More

Orca Whale Breaching

Announcing the Orca Quest! New orca-focused cruise for 2017

There’s no experience quite like seeing the 5 foot tall dorsal fin of a bull orca whale cutting through the ocean’s surface, or watching an orca calf’s playful spouts and spyhops as he swims alongside his mother. These intelligent and social marine mammals reside in Alaskan waters year-round and are a highlight of many visitors’ Alaska wildlife viewing.

Discover the world of orca whales with Major Marine Tours on our newest cruise, embarking summer 2017: the Orca Quest Cruise. Watch, learn, and even listen to these beautiful marine mammals during prime orca whale watching season on the only orca-focused cruise from […] Read More

Tamara Lang (far right) and Major Marine Tours Deckhands

Deckhand Diary: The Deckhands Who Follow the Whales

Major Marine Tours deckhands get to view Alaska’s incredible wildlife and glaciers every day. After seeing whales breach, sea otters snuggle their pups, and glaciers calving so many times, does the novelty of this place ever wear off? Tamara Lang, Major Marine Tours deckhand and interpretive volunteer at Kenai Fjords National Park, reflects on the passion that she and her fellow deckhands have for the wildlife they see from Major Marine Tours cruises every day.


“The bar will be closed for the next ten minutes,” the speakers announced. “The crew will be outside viewing the wildlife, and we encourage you to […] Read More

Breaching humpback whale

Deckhand Diary: From the Bow – Wildlife Viewing in Seward, Alaska

Most visitors to Alaska get to embark on a glacier and wildlife cruise just once. But what would it be like to cruise day after day? Our guest blogger Tamara Lang, a Major Marine Tours deckhand and interpretive volunteer at Kenai Fjords National Park, gets to do just that. Here are her accounts of what it’s like to view wildlife on Major Marine Tours cruises from Seward all summer long.

I watched as the orca’s fin rose into the mash of sound where white kittiwakes wheeled from the cliffs, shaping music in massed wings. Across our bow, humpbacks hung their misty […] Read More