8.5 Hour Northwestern Fjord Cruise Map & Description

This small-vessel adventure cruise is our only excursion to the remote, glacier-carved Northwestern Fjord. Ideal for photographers, birders, and whale-watching enthusiasts, our 8.5 Hour Northwestern Fjord Cruise departs from the Seward Harbor 360 Hotel dock 9:00 a.m. and returns at 5:30 p.m. The cruise will travel through Resurrection Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park, the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Resurrection, Granite Pass, Harris Bay, and into the spectacular Northwestern Fjord.

Narrated by our knowledgeable, experienced captain and crew and limited to only 36 passengers each trip, guests have the unique opportunity to explore remote, untouched areas of Kenai Fjords National Park with a small group. Depending on sea conditions and wildlife-viewing opportunities, the captain’s route to Northwestern Fjord can vary from day to day. After cruising through Resurrection Bay, you will explore the Chiswell Islands (part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge) or Cape Resurrection, home to thousands of nesting seabirds, Steller sea lions, and other wildlife.

The cruise will then enter Harris Bay, where you will be greeted with views of beautiful hidden coves, rugged mountains, and possibly feeding whales. Once we enter the virtually untouched and untamed Northwestern Fjord, look for the numerous alpine glaciers nestled high on the cliffs. You will visit Northwestern, Anchor, and Ojive Glaciers (all active, calving tidewater glaciers) at the end of Northwestern Fjord. We will spend time in front of the glaciers to watch for glacial calving, where giant chunks of glacial ice break off and crash into the water. Our time spent in front of each glacier will vary depending on glacier calving activity and how much time we spent viewing wildlife along the way, though we usually spend about 40 minutes in front of the glaciers. Keep an eye out for harbor seals and sea otters hauled out on the icebergs.

Our Northwestern Fjord Cruise includes a complimentary light breakfast and deli lunch. We also provide complimentary coffee, tea, and ice water during the cruise. Beer, wine, and snacks are available for purchase during the cruise.

This cruise is not recommended for those who are prone to seasickness since it travels through the open Gulf of Alaska. Weather and sea conditions may force this cruise to be cancelled or modified at the discretion of the USCG Certified Captain. Our half-day Kenai Fjords Wildlife cruises or our Prince William Sound cruises are better options if seasickness is a concern. Guests should be prepared with warm, waterproof layers of clothing and comfortable, rubber soled shoes.

This full-day cruise is indicated as the GREEN line on the cruise map. Routes may vary depending on wildlife, weather, and ice conditions.


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Major Marine Tours Northwestern Fjord Cruise Map