The MMT Blog / Announcing the Orca Quest! New orca-focused cruise for 2017

There’s no experience quite like seeing the 5 foot tall dorsal fin of a bull orca whale cutting through the ocean’s surface, or watching an orca calf’s playful spouts and spyhops as he swims alongside his mother. These intelligent and social marine mammals reside in Alaskan waters year-round and are a highlight of many visitors’ Alaska wildlife viewing.

Orca Whales in Prince William Sound

Discover the world of orca whales with Major Marine Tours on our newest cruise, embarking summer 2017: the Orca Quest Cruise. Watch, learn, and even listen to these beautiful marine mammals during prime orca whale watching season on the only orca-focused cruise from Seward. From mid-May to mid-June, orca whales frequent areas in Kenai Fjords National Park to feed. The Orca Quest Cruise will visit these areas and give you as much orca whale watching time as possible. Unlike our other cruises, the Orca Quest Cruise will not have a set daily route. Rather, we will go where the orcas are, giving you a truly unique cruising experience. Each day will be different from the day before depending on the orcas’ location and behavior.

Orca Whale

In addition to spending more time watching orcas, you will also be able to listen to their haunting calls with our onboard hydrophone, a microphone that allows you to listen to sounds underwater. Our experienced captains and crew members, who have spent years watching and learning about these incredible animals, will provide narration during the cruise.

This 4 hour cruise will depart daily from May 15th – June 16th, 2017. We are now taking reservations for 2017, so it’s not too early to book your spot on this exciting new cruise. Keep an eye on our Specials & Packages page for Orca Quest Cruise & Harbor 360 Hotel packages, which will be posted soon. We are so excited to offer our guests the opportunity to experience and truly appreciate these fascinating marine animals on the newest addition to our cruise options. For more information and to reserve your spot, visit our Orca Quest Cruise page or call us at (907) 274-7300.